Currently working on....

Software Development Company

BusinessDriver, LLC

I started a software development Company with a couple friends, for Development of certain products for local businesses, it is turning out to be more than that. I'll update as we grow.

 Cloud Based Maintenance Libraries

Mobile Droid/iPhone integration

Mobile Portal Launch

I built a mobile portal site for use with any mobile device. Testing with my HTC Inspire 4G and everything works great. I'm looking at Droid development. I added a 16GB SD chip for extra media.

Virtual Server integration with VMware

Virtual Servers

I'm working on a couple of virtualization projects for an Engineering firm which will (VMware) give them better recovery options and less downtime for CAD work. Some VDI Desktops also, a few thin clients and a broker portal setup.

Converting people to Windows 7

Vista laptop Toshiba 2067

Windows 7 conversions are going well. Lots of issues with Win 7 that basic users don't understand. Management and policy settings are nice but quite a change for local admins so I'm spending some time getting people setup with GPO/Management stuff.

Content Management Systems

I've been working on different CMS solutions lately

Right now I'm working on WordPress and looking at various Content Management Systems, such as MODx, WordPress, and Contrexx.

Sharepoint is what we use for our government projects.

Office 2010 deployment info

I'm running some VB Scripts and testing methods

I've created different automated installs for Office 2007 following my Office 2003 installs. We are using a combination of MDT (Microsoft Deployment) and GPO based deployments.

Packages successfully tested for:

Windows 7, Vista and XP

IE9, IE8, IE7 and Firefox 3.6, all service packs

Windows Vista

IE7, Some settings. Vista is so cluged, we have skipped right to Win7

Office 2003 & 2007

Scripting, publish, push, pull, remove Groupwise

Adobe Reader & Acrobat

Remove toolbars, remove ads, silent install, push, pull

Script library

Development tools

Many people ask me what tools I use. Here is the list:

Current ideas and reviews

Stuff I'm working on and reviews: